The Red Button follows Laura, an intrepid reporter who is trying to get the scoop on a shadowy organization called Intervention. Think of Intervention like Anonymous, but on steroids. While they do conduct hacking operations, the will, if they think someone is a particularly dangerous threat to society, conduct assassinations. Laura, in the course of her investigation, ends up going much deeper than she ever intended.

Origin of the Idea

"Over the years, in conversations with friends and family, I would often say "things aren't broken enough, but they are getting there." By broken enough, I meant that things had gotten to a point socially and economically that the general population would be driven to take action much like the French revolution. I wondered what would that action look like. Unlike the French revolution, I imagined that such action would take the form of a covert insurgency. This fictional insurgency, would not be terrorism but instead would surgically hit those targets most at fault for corruption and abuse. I actually had written The Red Button in 2013 but it had been on my road map to make for the last two years. The events of the last couple of years as well as the recent presidential election cycle have made me feel that the time is right for this short film."
- John Hidalgo, writer, producer and director for The Red Button

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