Carrie Stephens Carrie Stephens - Laura

Carrie is an actress and singer based in Austin, Texas. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has been active in theater since childhood; she began her film career in 2011 with Chris Olson's short One Every Minute. While Carrie's experience and training includes stage and production management, her passion has always been for performance. In addition to acting, Carrie is a trained mezzo-soprano; she was recently the lead singer for the rock band Donkey Island, and is currently working on a new project as half of the band Caravan, as well as featured vocals for other musicians.
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Cynthia Fray Cynthia Fray - Donna

Cynthia Fray is an American actress born in Dallas, TX and raised in the Pacific Northwest. With a degree in Business from the University of Washington, Cynthia moved to France where she lived and worked for ten years. She and her husband moved to Austin, Texas in 1995 to start a family business and raise their two daughters. Her life-long passion for acting was nurtured with evening acting classes with Austin film acting coach Carol Hickey, among others. She made her film debut in 2015 as Erica in Ilyanica. Other film credits include Into Memory (2015), Kopy Kings and Every Tuesday (2016).
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Nguyen Stanton Nguyen Stanton - Linda Pierce

Nguyen is an Austin based actor who has played several roles that required fight choreography and martial arts on stage and in film. Her past films with Rōnin Creative Media include Ariel and The Littlest Cthulhuist.
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David Robbins David Robbins - Senator Rollins

David has acted in indie and SAG feature films. He has also worked as a fight director and stuntman. David ahs perviously worked with Rōnin Creative Media on Ariel .
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Anne Gentry Anne Gentry - Anne Ralston

Anne was raised in Houston, TX. At Lamar Sr. High School, she participated in the Drama Department which fostered talents such as Robert Foxworth, Tommy Tune and Jaclyn Smith. At Northwestern University School of Speech, Anne studied theatrical acting . She became a Chicago model/actress represented by Shirley Hamilton. She appeared in commercials, plays, films, and dance companies in the South, Southwest, West and Midwest. She currently works exclusively on film, print and in commercials.
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